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Natalia Bieganska

Shapes dressed in feelings, feelings dressed in shapes - these are reflective expressions that characterize the work of Natalia JONA. Since childhood, JONA’s infatuation with creating something out of nothing captivated her attention more than any other subject, eventually leading to a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland. 


JONA’s works are often abstractions of human embodiment, landscapes or visual interpretations of her favorite literature; rendering the natural form in ways that are simple, yet intensely moving. Upon her visit in Poland in 2020, JONA’s works have increasingly adopted a feminist undertone and placed a focus on the woman’s body - making a bold statement against limiting women’s rights and freedom of choice.


JONA’s latest technique mainly uses ink and acrylic or oil paint on linen. Her works are created on fine, nearly textureless unprimed linen, often untouched and exposed as a background. Most of all, JONA’s paintings contain a pattern made of small repetitive ink pen strokes, giving a hypnotic sense of movement. She works with acrylic and sometimes oil paints using brushes or rolls to fill out the flat organic shapes. 


Having lived and created in multiple countries across the world, shaped JONA’s art as well as opened vast areas of inspiration. She lists her experience of living in Japan as a major impact on her creative vision. 

JONA counts Matisse, Miró, Picabia, O'Keeffe, Kandinsky, Strzeminski and Hollowell as her main influences.

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